About Me

Art has been a family tradition with three generations of us picking up a paint brush and canvas.  I took it one step further and added an airbrush.  I’ve been airbrushing over twenty-five years and most of it on metal. 


I entered the motorcycle custom painting business twenty years ago in Montana.  My husband, Roger, and I started out in a small home based shop determined to turn out quality custom painted bikes for riders in our area.  Striving to turn out unique and well done bikes soon had car owners coming to us.  We expanded to a one bay full size paint room to accommodate the cars and Vida Loca Customs was created. 


After five years Roger and I made the decision to move our business into a larger demographics area.  The Dallas, Texas, market was wide open for custom painters.  So, we left our beloved state of Montana and headed for a small town, Bonham, just outside the Big D area. 


Since opening our operations there in January, 2002, we grew and moved to a bigger building twice, took a partner, reconsidered the wisdom of that, changed the name to Dark Timber Art and went back to the size operation on which we grew our reputation.  We brought the business home and painted out of a single building setup.  We went back to painting bikes and small projects only.


Roger passed into his next life in January, 2015. He had a yearlong bout with a really stubborn cancer that finally won the toss. I have continued painting through a difficult time and carry on his legacy, I hope to his satisfaction.


I still airbrush motorcycles and as Rog used to say, ‘pretty much anything else that has mass and will stand still’. I also do freelance airbrush work for other shops. I have painted everything from baseball helmets to milk cans to luxury safes to motorcycles and cars. No job is too small or too odd.


I still keep it all at a reasonable price. 


I work weird hours so if you call for a job and get voice mail, just leave a message and I’ll get right back with you.



Dark Timber Art

Ector, TX